Донишкадаи омӯзгории Тоҷикистон дар шаҳри Панҷакент

Conference “The Wisdom of Rudaki”

On September 22nd of current year, dedicated to the 1161st Birth anniversary of the founder of Persian and Tajik classical literature Abu Abdullloh Rudak, by initiate of Tajik pedagogical Institute in Panjakent and Institute of Language and Literature by name Abuabdullo Rudak, at the Poet’s Birthplace- Panjrud village, dedicated to the this wonderful date has been provided International Scientific Conference “The Wisdom of Rudaki”.

he conference consisted of 9 section, and the sections included the significant topics of literary-studies.

Section 1. The leader of the Nation and honorable Rudaki

Section2. New Reviews about political and economic-social life during the time of Samanids.

Section3. Resurrection of Ajam and its features at the X-XII centuries.

Section 4. Rudaki and classical and contemporary literature.

Section 5.  Rudaki and Tajik and Persian language.

Section 6. Familiarization of Rudaki in Tajikistan in the World.

Section 7. Rudaki and literature of Turkish-language.

Section 8. Rudaki and significant content of history and philosophy.

Section 9. Literature and culture and craft.

The competition of the artists and crafties within the framework of the project “The Great Silk Road”.

The participants of the conference were scientists, learned, great researchers of our country and foreign guests. The conference was opened by the professor and rector of the Tajik pedagogical Institute in Panjakent Ansori M.Q. Furthermore, the qualified scientists Abdunabi Sattorzoda, Ali Muhammadi Khurosoni, Asliddin Nizomov, Mubashiri Akbarzod, Shodmon Vohidov and from Republic of Uzbekistan Faizikhojai Mahmud, Bobur Aminov,  Asror Shukurov, Bahora Khurramova, Dilshoda Farhodi, Gulnoza Azizova and others told about the aspects of poems of founder of Persian and Tajik classical literature Abu Abdullah Rudaki.