Донишкадаи омӯзгории Тоҷикистон дар шаҳри Панҷакент


On September 26th, to strengthen a friendship and development of bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tajik pedagogical Institute in Panjakent hosted honorable guests from Smarkand- the rector of  Economy and Service Institute of Samarkand city Pulotov Muhiddin Egamberdievich,  the representative of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan Majidov B.U. the Dean of Tourism and Service Faculty of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service Tulkin Sharipov, Deputy Dean of Tourism and Service Ahror Sheraliev.

The honorable guests were welcomed on the Tajik-Uzbek border by rector of the Tajik pedagogical Institute of Tajikistan in Panjakent, Professor Ansori M.Q. Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Sh. H. Vohidov, and the staff of teachers and students with flowers and Tajik customs and traditions.

In the courtyard of the Institute, the teachers and students greeted the guests  with great pleasure.

First the Uzbek Cultural Center was opened with the participation of distinguished guests. Next, the agreement was signed on cooperation between the institutes – Tajik Pedagogical Institute in Panjakent and Institute of Economics and Service of Uzbekistan by  rector Ansorov M.Q. and  rector Pulotov M.E. in the presence of Institute staff and teachers of both parties.

Then the guests visited the cultural centers of America, Arabia, China, and France, where they have got a good and memorable impressions.

It is worth mentioning that, such visits to the Tajik  Pedagogical Institute in Panjakent take place on a regular basis and enhance the development of cooperation.