Донишкадаи омӯзгории Тоҷикистон дар шаҳри Панҷакент


Starting from September 29th to the October 5th, the Days of the Assembly of the Eurasian People were held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. As part of these days, the 4th highest literary festival was held.

The Assembly of the Eurasian Peoples was established in its first congress on May 27-29, 2017 in Moscow, the capital of Russia and it is a non-governmental organization that unites more than 1,500 non-governmental organizations in the European and Asian space.

The non-governmental organization “Assembly of the Eurasian Peoples” seeks to promote globalization of human dignity, peace and tolerance, friendship of nations, harmonization of national values ​​around the world. Within the framework of the Assembly, various constructive cooperation of the European peoples from Lisbon to Vladivostok is considered.

Chairman of the General Assembly of the Eurasia Peoples are Andrei Belyaninov, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of the Eurasian Peoples, Svetlana Smirnova, members of the secretariat Bernard Loze (France), Igor Khalevinsky (Russia), Dalbir Singh (India), Secretary of the National Congress.

It is gratifying that in the days of the Assembly of the Eurasian Peoples in Baku, the representative of Tajikistan, the only non-governmental institute of the country – Tajik Pedagogical Institute in Panjakent, was represented by its rector, professor Muazzamkhon Ansori.

On the second day of the Assembly of the Eurasian Peoples, Institute signed a cooperation agreement with this authoritative international organization. During the Assembly, Tajik Pedagogical Institute signed agreements with a number of non-governmental educational institutions of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Azerbaijan, China, etc. Moreover, on bilateral cooperation in the field of higher education and training of highly qualified teaching, research staff and science, were signed the agreements.